Making a difference in New Yorkers’ lives is at the heart of WCC’s work.

To ensure government fairly and effectively serves all our city’s residents, we undertake a rigorous process of identifying and analyzing major issues facing our city and state.

We address these issues through member-led Task Forces, which conduct research, publish reports, foster dialogue with public officials, launch public education and advocacy campaigns and promote civic engagement.

Our current advocacy work focuses on five key areas:

Good Government

To promote and maintain a strong representative democracy, WCC advocates for policies which ensure government is transparent, accessible, accountable and responsive to its citizens.


To remove barriers to quality health care for New Yorkers, WCC advocates for policies that eliminate financial obstacles to health care, retain and expand health insurance coverage, promote a universal, single-payer health care plan and improve access to quality health care for New Yorkers.

Housing and Homelessness

To secure clean, safe and affordable housing for New Yorkers, WCC advocates for policies that ensure the preservation and maintenance of public housing, an increase in affordable housing, and an increase in housing and support services for homeless populations.

Income Inequality

To advance economic security for New Yorkers, WCC advocates for policies that eliminate discrimination in the workplace, promote quality jobs and pay equity, foster career advancement and ensure family-friendly workplaces.

Public Education

To increase access to quality and affordable public education, WCC advocates for policies that improve and ensure equitable access to public education from pre-Kindergarten to higher education for all New Yorkers.