Making meaningful change takes time, commitment and effort—but it's worth it. Throughout the year, WCC creates advocacy campaigns in our seven priority areas to achieve economic, gender and racial equality. 

Whether signing an online petition, participating in a protest march, or joining a WCC task force, you can make a difference.


Close the Pay Gap in New York City: Ban Salary History Inquiries 

Women represent nearly half of our nation’s workforce. They are the equal - if not the main - breadwinner in four out of ten families. And, they receive more undergraduate and graduate degrees than men. Yet in 2015, the Institute for Women's Policy Research predicted that if change continues at the same slow pace as it has for the last half century, it will take another 44 years — until 2059 — for women to finally achieve pay parity.

Public Advocate Letitia James introduced Int. No. 1253, prohibiting employers from using salary history as a measure to determine their salary offers and would allow for hiring and promotion decisions to be based on experience and on equity.

On December 13, 2016, the New York City Council heard testimony from WCC in support of Int. No. 1253. This important legislation would offer new tools to combat the gender wage gap by banning employers from inquiring about a job applicant's prior salary and using it to set up future wages.


Join WCC for #BanSalaryHistory and urge New York City Council Members to ban salary history inquiries by voting in favor of Int. 1253. 

There are 3 steps you can take to make your voice heard:  

  1. Call your City Council Member and let them know you want them to pass Int. No. 1253. Click here to learn who your City Council Member is. Also call the Speaker of the New York City Council.
  2. E-mail your City Council Member and let them know you want to pass Int. No. 1253. Click here for a sample e-mail you can send. 
  3. Tell others to call their legislators and share on both Twitter and Facebook: #BanSalaryHistory

Tell WCC about the action you to took to secure passage of Int. 1253 by emailing 

Raise the Age in New York State


New York is one of only two states in the country that have failed to recognize what research and science have confirmed – adolescents are children, and prosecuting and placing them in the adult criminal justice system doesn’t work for them and doesn’t work for public safety.

Raise the Age New York is a public awareness campaign that includes national and local advocates, youth, parents, law enforcement and legal representative groups, faith leaders, and unions that have come together to increase public awareness of the need to implement a comprehensive approach to raise the age of criminal responsibility in NYS so that the legal process responds to all children as children and services and placement options better meet the rehabilitative needs of all children and youth.

It’s time for legislators to do what’s right and pass a comprehensive bill to raise the age in New York. Take Action: call and leave a message for Senate Majority Leader John J. Flanagan, urging him to support raise the age in 2017. It’s easy.

Call Senator John Flanagan: 631-361-2154 and leave a message:

Hi. My name is__________ [if you live in District 2 on Long Island, note that you are a constituent.] I am calling to urge you to make comprehensive ‘Raise the Age’ legislation a priority in the upcoming budget and legislative session. New York is one of only two states that prosecutes all 16- and 17-year-olds as adults for any offense, no matter what. This has been proven to jeopardize public safety and does not match what we know about how to help young people get back on track. Please support this smart-on-crime proposal and Raise the Age this session! Thank you.

There are 3 steps you can take:

  1. Call Senator John Flanagan's office.
  2. Tell others to call their legislators and share on both Twitter and Facebook with the #RaisetheAgeNY 
  3. Tell WCC about your call by emailing